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  • Keep up with kids with location alerts and check-ins
  • A secure and proven method ​that keeps you informed and your loved ones protected while not intruding on their privacy.
  • Expert guidance with every alert, better equipping you to handle those challenging moments. 

Digital Equity is a Community Collaboration

Founded By Cable Co-op, endorsed by the Oberlin Police Department, and backed by the City of Oberlin's Equity Department.

Oberlin Cable Co-op Introduces Bark to Safeguard Online Activities for Children and Community Members

Oberlin's Cable Co-op is proud to announce a new addition to its Digital Equity and Inclusive initiatives, designed to protect children and community members from the potential dangers associated with online activities. In a effort to create a safer digital environment, we are now offering Bark, a comprehensive parental control tool. In collaboration with The City of Oberlin's Equity Division, we are delighted to make Bark available to our members at a special rate of just $4.95 per month, a significant 60% discount off the retail price. This initiative has garnered the endorsement of the Oberlin Police Chief and has received widespread support from local schools, libraries, and various community partners who share our commitment to enhancing online safety in Oberlin.

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