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Oberlin Business Initiative



  • Would FREE professional advertising on top cable networks (TNT, ESPN, USA, CNN & MORE) help your business?
  • Are you a member of both Cable Co-op and OBP?
  • Would you like to SHOWCASE YOUR BUSINESS during great programming that is exclusive to cable tv?


  • Where and how else could any business get a FREE PROFESSIONALLY FILMED COMMERCIAL and 6 MONTHS OF FREE ADVERTISING on top cable tv networks? NO WHERE!!! Don’t let this massive opportunity pass you by!!!
  • Can you afford to not participate in this event and miss out on the chance to showcase your business?


  • This package would normally cost thousands of dollars.
  • Cable Co-op will pay for your commercial to be professionally filmed by a local company.
  • No Strings attached, no financial obligations to you!
  • TV still has the potential to exceed the results that most brands see when advertising through other mediums.
  • TV ads can produce between 300% and 500% ROI across the industries examined.
  • Cable Co-op is a non-profit, community focused company. When we say Community Focused, we mean COMMUNITY FOCUSED!
  • Cable Co-op has helped our community by making sure students had internet access during the school closure, supporting, supplying and creating the idea that became The Bridge, supporting local non-profits, building the fiber network for the Oberlin Schools (at no cost), supporting the city and schools by broadcasting their meetings.  NOW WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES!

This is truly an opportunity you do not want to miss!!!

Details on this event are on the next page.

Business & Community Support Initiative

Presented by: Cable Co-op with Support from Oberlin Business Partnership

  • Only businesses that are members of both the Cable Co-op and Oberlin Business Partnership are eligible for this event.
  • Write a 200–300-word essay about why you chose to do business in Oberlin, what you love about the community, and things you like to do in Oberlin.
  • The essays must be submitted electronically to businessevent@oberlin.net by December 1st, 2022.
  • A winner shall be picked by an independent board selected from educators, community activists, and community members.
  • The winner will be notified by February 1st, 2023.
  • The winner shall receive a 30 second commercial created, filmed, and edited by Room With A View Productions, an Oberlin based business. Once completed the commercial will air on these Cable networks for 6 months, USA, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, SyFy, TBS, CNN, Fox News, and HLN.

Guidelines for FREE 30 second commercial:

Please keep in mind that 30 seconds is not a lot of time. When a date and time is established to shoot the commercial, please do everything you can to keep the date and time. The following rules must be followed:

  1. Room With A View Production will get to edit the script to fit within the 30 second time frame.
  2.  The commercials are shot on the day specified and if there is no 24-hour notification of a change in time or date the commercial is charged as done. (Please do not let this happen, not only will you lose the chance at this commercial, but other local businesses already lost this chance to you)
  3. The business owner will have input during the whole process, however, massive changes after the commercial is shot are done on a time and materials charged basis.

Suggestions: Have most of the commercial filmed before or after normal operating hours. Get footage of customer and staff interactions. Get footage of goods or services offered. Focus on first 3 seconds. Focus on building brand awareness. Use a memorable tagline or jingle. Keep everything simple.

last yars winners commercial: https://youtu.be/fpQup9JJvZQ

Direct any further questions to Jay Shrewsbury at the Cable Co-op, businessevent@oberlin.net.

Fine Print: Minimum of 20 business entries must be received for Initiative to begin. If initiative is started again, past winners are not eligible to win again.