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Prime TV Bundle


Wireless Modem – 50 Mbps fast Internet with built-in secured Wi-Fi.

Streaming Networks – 78 Streaming networks including ESPN, Disney, CNN, and more!

HD Receiver – Includes 1 HD receiver with built-in interactive guide. Know what is on with a touch of a button. Scroll the guide while watching TV.

50 Local Channels

76 Cable Network Channels, including HD

25 Music Only channels (Stingray Music)

Pricing & Total Costs

$123.95 (includes taxes) per month + $1 Membership Fee per month (required to maintain co-op status)

Total monthly bill = $124.95 (includes all fees, surcharges and taxes)

Includes one HD receiver, each additional HD receiver is $4.95 per month, DVR’s are $8.95 per month.

One-time Installation and Deposits are not included in above pricing.

Some restrictions apply.