Experience Impartial Internet

Fiber Optic backed

No data caps, no data mining, no rental fees, & no contracts.

Advance Wi-Fi

Broadband Facts: Fixed Broadband Consumer Disclosure

Open Internet Policy

All service levels include Cable Modem with $20.00* refundable deposit 
$1 Monthly Membership Fee NOT INCLUDED in prices listed above 
Multiple email accounts! (For the entire family or business) 
Local Tech Support 
No long-term service contract required! 
Co-op membership fee is required for cable modem only service. 
All cable modems are the property of Cable Co-op to be deployed, maintained, serviced, and replaced (if found to be defective) at the discretion of Cable Co-op at no charge.    
*Pricing subject to change. We will do our best to keep prices on website updated and accurate. Please call to verify pricing on any of our services. 
**Speeds can vary for many reasons and the speeds listed are considered “up to” the stated Mbps of the service level.            
 **^ Cable Co-op is responsible for speeds coming directly from modem’s ethernet port. Cable Co-op is not responsible for subscriber owned equipment that can limit the ability of achieving listed speeds.   


   Business Class Broadband Internet Service   

Business Level Internet

Free consultation and assessment. 
Business data network priority!   
24 Hour Monitoring.
24-hour tech support for cable modem related issues. 
Fast and free repair for any unaltered wiring or physical cable modem issues. 

Business Advanced Wi-Fi

Our Business Wi-Fi utilizes the best technology available. Better coverage, better speeds, better internet connection experience. Anti-virus and maleware detection included.
Wi-Fi Router = $9.95   
Extenders = $8 (if needed) 

Business Phone
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