Using E-mail While Out of Town
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Using E-mail While Out of Town Email Use & Set Up

The easiest method of using your email is the web based application. The application is located at; Simply enter your user name (WITHOUT and the password we supplied you. If you do not have the password, give us a call at 440-775-4001.

While out of town if you choose to use a personal application rather than the web based method, you will be able to receive emails but not send them. You can try to change your outgoing port number to 587 but this often will not work. Issues with spammers has resulted in nearly every email provider to shut off what is termed as “relaying”. Relaying is defined as sending out an email provided by one company through another company’s server. An example would be if you have an email and try to send from a Time Warner server. When this is allowed it is easy for spammers to send out thousands of emails and this is why relaying is often not allowed.