Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members
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Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members

Oberlin Cable Co-op Board of Trustees

Roles and Responsibilities of Members

1. Participation – Members are expected to attend, and participate in,monthly meetings of the Board, usually held from 5:00 to 6:00 on the third Tuesday of each month. Additionally, members are encouraged to participate in one or more of the Board’s committees which meet as needed and convenient to committee members.

2. Awareness – Board members are expected to have reviewed the Board’s Code of Regulations with the understanding that a greater, in-depth understanding may be reserved for situations that arise. Additionally, Board members are encouraged to seek-out information on future challenges and opportunities to Internet Services and Cable Television and to share such information with Board colleagues.

3. Oversight – The Board, collectively, is responsible for the operations of Oberlin Cable Co-op and for ensuring that the mission of Oberlin Cable Co-op is achieved. Typically, this is done through broad oversight of the General Manager and, through the General Manager, the staff.

4. Communications – The Board, both collectively and individually, is responsible for communicating to, and listening to, its membership and all members of the communities that exist in its service areas to promote and improve the services of Oberlin Cable Co-op.

5. Management – The Board, collectively, recruits, hires, evaluates, and, if necessary, removes the General Manager.

6. Financial – The Board, collectively, with guidance from the Board Treasurer and the Business and Finance Committee as well as both the external Accountant and Auditor, sets rates for services offered, sets levels of compensation and benefits to staff and otherwise ensures that the operation is financially sound.

7. Legal – The Board, collectively, ensures that Oberlin Cable Co-op meets all Federal, State and local governmental regulations.

8. Propagation of the Board – The Board works to recruit and appoint individuals to the Board.

9. Serve as Officers of the Board – Several members of the Board are elected by the Board to serve as officers of the Board. Officers and their responsibilities are delineated in The Code.

December 2019 (revised September 2023)