Oberlin Cable Co-op News


Cable Co-op’s Front Office is open. Our front office is open again, 9am-12:30pm & 1:30pm – 5pm Monday – Friday. Please respect social distancing guidelines set by the state. Cable Co-op is doing all we can to keep you and our staff safe.


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Attention Please!!Cable Co-op will be restricting our normal operating policies. Cable Co-op will not be performing any upgrades that require an in-home visit. Cable Co-op will not be running any additional outlets. Cable Co-op will be encouraging Self-installs(with phone support). We will also be prioritizing our service calls. Please do not call for additional services or for minor service issues until after 4/6/20. Minor service issues includes: service works fine on other televisions or other devices. DVR recirding issues. WTVE streaming issues. new personal electronics. Cable Co-op will attempt to help with all non-priority service issues via the phone, but due to high call volume it may not be as soon as you are accustomed to.We appreciate your support and Cable Co-op is doing all we can in these trying times.


In the best
interest of our community Cable Co-op has decided to close our front office. We
are still able to process payments & schedule appointments via the phone or
the Internet.

If you need
any help or have any further questions, please call us at 440 775 4001 or email
us at