Oberlin Cable Co-op News


WGGN TV will be off the air Saturday May 6, 2023
from 7am until repairs are finished.  We are replacing a 600amp 3ph
disconnect at our studios in Castalia.  This will mean complete off air
for the entire building to safely install the new equipment. The
electricians estimate completion in about 4 hours so we should be back
on the air around 11AM. As you a aware plans do not always go as
designed.   I will send an email as soon as we know everything is
working correctly.

Thanks for your patience.

Richard Hawkins, GM

Christian Broadcasting



Attention Prosser Court Residence

Tuesday April 25, 2023, Cable Co-op will have services disrupted
on all of Prosser Court, starting around 11am and is only expected to last less
than one hour.

The City of Oberlin installed new utility poles on Pleasant
street and this requires Cable Co-op to move off the old poles and on to the
new ones.


Cable Co-op Members

Wednesday April 26th Cable Co-op will be
replacing some older field equipment.

Areas that will see a disruption in services include:

Morgan Street – from Main to S. Professor

Main Street – from Vine Street to South Street (excluding 138 S. Main Street)

Locust Street – from Pleasant to Main Street

South Street – the entire street

Services will be on and off. Disruptions can last from 5-35
minutes at a time and there will be several disruptions throughout the day.
Work will begin at 9am and be completed by 3:30pm. If you have any issues after
3:30pm please call us! 440-775-4001


Attention Cable Co-op Television

WEWS and ION both made changes this morning, 3/31/23,
without notifying any cable system.

With our different channel lineups, this can get tricky to

If you are using your QAM tuner (you do not have a
cable box) here are the changes:

If you were watching Grit on 56-4, please tune to 52-14 to
watch Grit.

If you were watching Defy on 56-8, please tune to 52-16 to watch

56-8 is now Scripps News Channel.

True / Real TV is no longer offered by WEWS.

56-4 is now Court TV

If you have our cable box and Prime TV (Expanded
Basic) here are the changes:

Defy is now channel 143 (True/Real TV is no longer offered
by WEWS)

Channel 103 is now Scripps News (no longer Defy)

Coming soon:

Channel 141 will be Court TV

If you have a cable box and Select TV (Basic) here
are the changes:

Channel 44 is now Scripps News (no longer Defy)

Channel 52 is now Defy (True/Real TV is no longer offered by

Coming soon:

Channel 31 will be Court TV

If you have one of our boxes with the built in TV Guide, the
guide will not be accurate for about one week.