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Cable Co-op will be closed Monday 1/18/21 in observation of Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day.


Cable Co-op
prides itself on our excellent response times and our ability to resolve any
issues members may be having, but in these times, we must keep safety first.
The safety of our members, our staff, and our community is our top priority. We
hope all members will understand the pandemic has changed many things,
including how businesses interact with customers and how services are installed
and maintained.

Due to the
pandemic and the resurge is cases, Cable Co-op is prioritizing after hours
service calls and in-home visits of any type. We are encouraging members to
help us help our community by understanding our need to limit contact of any
type with anyone. Though masks, gloves, and social distancing help decrease the
spread, it is still uncertain on how affective they are.

Cable Co-op
needs to help keep our members, staff, and community safe by restricting our
contact. If your television or Internet based services are completely out, we
will first attempt to resolve any issue by checking on the outside of the home
with no member contact. If this attempt does not solve the issue, we will
schedule a time to come into the home. If a Cable Co-op staff member enters
your home we ask you and anyone else in the home to keep as much distance as
possible, and, if you are comfortable with it, we ask you to wear a mask while any
staff member is in your home.

If a problem
is with a single device, such as one television set, one cable box, or one
Internet connected device Cable Co-op will do our best to help troubleshoot
these issues over the phone. If we cannot resolve the issue over the phone, we
may need to wait till the resurge of the pandemic is over to schedule a time to
come into the home.

Cable Co-op
appreciates your understanding of these temporary circumstances and we hope to
get back into full functioning mode as soon as possible.

Thank you
for allowing us to be of service to you!

Community, Your Cable Company!





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Cable Co-op’s Continuous Community Commitment


Cable Co-op has
always helped the Oberlin community. This year Cable Co-op entered the Phoenix
Technology Initiative with the Oberlin schools and the City of Oberlin. This
initiative provided free internet to school-age children who did not have
internet access at home. This allowed the school children to continue their
education and took the burden off the household to provide internet service
during these trying times.

The funding
for this initiative ends June 30th of this year, but the need for
internet access does not. Cable Co-op has worked closely with various Oberlin churches
to find a solution.  The program will now
be funded by Mount Zion Baptist Church, First Church of Oberlin, Oberlin House
of the Lord Fellowship Church, and the Cable Co-op itself.  Now the program will be extended to August 31,

proves time and time again that members of the community will step-up when help
is needed. Cable Co-op
is proud to be part of the community and thankful for the help and
participation of Mount Zion Baptist Church, First Church of Oberlin, and the Oberlin
House of the Lord Fellowship Church.

Cable Co-op’s commitment to their
community has always been strong and Cable Co-op will continue to support their
community to the best of their ability. Cable Co-op is honored to be such an
integral part of Oberlin.