Oberlin Cable Co-op News


The Oberlin Business Initiative is back!!!
Here is the commercial from last year's winner:

Business & Community Support Initiative
Presented by: Cable Co-op with Support from Oberlin Business Partnership
• Only businesses that are members of both the Cable Co-op and Oberlin Business Partnership are eligible for this event.
• Write a 200–300-word essay about why you chose to do business in Oberlin, what you love about the community, and things you like to do in Oberlin.
• The essays must be submitted electronically to by December 1st, 2022.
• A winner shall be picked by an independent board selected from educators, community activists, and community members.
• The winner will be notified by February 1st, 2023.
• The winner shall receive a 30 second commercial created, filmed, and edited by Room With A View Productions, an Oberlin based business. Once completed the commercial will air on these Cable networks for 6 months, USA, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, SyFy, TBS, CNN, Fox News, and HLN.


The Guardians game on Bally Sports had issues this weekend. This was due to inclement weather on their end and Bally Sports needed to switch from their primary feed to their secondary feed and caused the outage. This had nothing to do with Cable Co-op and we verified this through Bally Sport's Media Distribution Operations.


Attention Beech & Sycamore Street
Members & Residents

August 9th, 2022
, Cable Co-op will have a boring crew to come in to bore a stretch on Sycamore.
The crew is expected to arrive “late morning” and should only be a few hours.
We are NOT EXPECTING ANY DISRUPTION to service during their operation.

Once the
line is in place we will need to “cut it over” and this could take up to an
hour. This will be done Wednesday August 10th and will start at 11am.
During this time there WILL BE A DISRUPTION to Cable Co-op services.

Note: If boring
crew damages existing cable we will have to do the cutover on Tuesday.


Level 5 is now a 1 Gbps service!

That means Level 5 download speeds
have doubled and remain at the same monthly rate!

Members have been asking about a
gigabit internet connection and now it is here!

Upgrade to Level 5 now and receive a
$15 credit* on your first month of service!

Faster speeds and save money? That’s
how Cabe Co-op does it!

Cable Co-op

Your Community, Your Cable Company!

* Bill must be current to receive $15


Attention Sycamore Street residents:

Cable Co-op has found
another issue in your area. This one goes under a driveway. We are calling in a
boring crew and boring another cable under the driveway. When the bore is completed,
the new cable will need to be spliced into the existing system. This will cause
an outage in your area.

We have not received
a date from the company that will do the boring for us.

We will keep you
informed as we know more.