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Online Pay Site

Online pay site will be down June 21st from midnight to 6am.

Attention Please


Attention Cable Co-op Members

Cable Co-op is excited to announce they will be doing an upgrade to their internet services. This upgrade will allow us to offer higher upload speeds and allow for more bandwidth to ensure internet traffic runs smoothly through our system.
The upgrade is scheduled to begin Monday, August 2nd and last till Friday, August 6th. In theory there should be no disruptions to services but as with all electronics an unknown issue could arise during this time that could potentially disrupt internet services. If this happens, Cable Co-op will work quickly to resolve any issue and reestablish internet connection in a timely manner.

We plan to do our switch over around midnight, so services will be disrupted at that time, but not during the day. The switch over will either be Wednesday the 4th at 11:59pm or Thursday the 5th at 11:59 pm.

As always, thanks for your support!!

Attention Cable Co-op Members:


Attention Cable Co-op Members:

Monday 6/21/21 we will be doing some work on the wet side of town. In the afternoon there will be a short outage (30 minutes) that will disrupt services on S. Cedar and Morgan St. This could last for up to 30 minutes and we will try to accomplish this task as fast as safety allows. as always, thanks for your support!

Email Server


Please keep looking here for updates on our mail server changes.

Attention Subscribers


Attention Subscribers

As you may have heard, owners of Amazon smart devices (e.g., Alexa, Echo, Ring doorbells, etc.) have until June 8, 2021 to opt out of having those devices automatically connected to Amazon’s new Sidewalk program. Sidewalk will connect all Amazon smart devices – and the wifi networks in your home that those devices are connected to – into a national “mesh” network. If you do nothing, your device WILL be connected.

Oberlin Cable Co-op strongly recommends that if you own and use an Amazon smart device, you pay attention to this matter and the associated June 8, 2021 deadline. We urge you to consider how this might affect your security and privacy. While you are connected to Sidewalk, Amazon devices outside your home could connect to your home wifi network and use some of your bandwidth – in essence their traffic may be traveling through your home system.  Also Amazon could more easily collect your private usage information for their commercial purposes. While we expect that Amazon intends to make Sidewalk as secure as it can, the massive complexity of the Sidewalk initiative may work against them in that effort.

Here is a more detailed explanation:

To opt out (from

Enable or Disable Amazon Sidewalk for Your Account

To enable or disable Amazon Sidewalk, use the Alexa app.

Open the Alexa app .

Open More and select Settings.

Select Account Settings.

Select Amazon Sidewalk.

Turn Amazon Sidewalk On or Off for your account.