Oberlin Cable Co-op News


Co-op TV Subscribers PLEASE READ!

deletions, changes, and more.

All of
these will take effect on or around 1/1/23

All these
changes are the result of the companies that own these “channels” and the
changes they are making.

Court TV
will cease to exist and will be replaced as follows:

QAM channel
56-9 will change to Bounce TV

package channels 100 & 139 will change to Bounce TV

package channel 41 will change to Bounce TV

Bounce TV on
channels 53-14, 90, and 31 will be deleted.

Grit TV on
channel 53-15 will be deleted but will remain on all other channels including,



Cable Co-op is not currently digging anywhere in town, including Reserve Ave. Frontier is the company digging in Oberlin on Reserve Ave, they have also had the other utilites mark Washington Circle, Monroe Ct, and a few other locations in town to prepare to dig there as well. Please call ADB (they are running this project for Frontier) at 234-334-1141 with any questions.


Decades is gone from our lineup. The programmer has decided to no longer offer the service. The same will happen with Court TV soon. These are all choices of the programmers and not Cable Co-op


Attention Beech Street, Cypress St, and Sycamore Street Members

Thursday 11/3/22 there will be a service outage from 2pm-3pm.
A main piece of cabling must be redirected and will cause all services to be shutdown during its relocation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we will do he switchover as quickly as possible.
Thanks for being a member!


Help Your Community and Get Rewarded!

Community Raffle

For every eight canned food items donated you will receive one raffle ticket, no limit.

Winner announced February 1st, 2023.

Winner Raffle Ticket number will be announced on our website and Facebook.

All donations will go to Oberlin Community Services, to be disbursed to members of our community that may need a helping hand.

No expired canned food items will be accepted or counted as an entry.

Raffle Prize includes:
Beautiful umbrella with case and box, Flash drive, picnic blanket, travel case, pen, and a Hydro Flask water bottle