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Sun outages will be starting soon. Over the next few weeks you will notice an interuption in television services. These interuptions can last from a few to several minutes and can reoccur several times.

"Twice a year, you may experience some degree of television interference due to “sun outages.” Such outages are caused by a phenomenon called a “solar satellite interference.” These brief outages occur when the sun is in a direct line behind a satellite transmitting cable signals."


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Oberlin Cable Co-op Introduces Bark to Safeguard Online Activities for Children and Community Members

November 15th, 2023
Oberlin, Ohio

Oberlin Cable Co-op is proud to announce a new addition to its Digital Equity and Inclusive initiatives, designed to protect children and community members from the potential dangers associated with online activities. In a effort to create a safer digital environment, we are now offering Bark, a comprehensive parental control tool.
In collaboration with The City of Oberlin's Equity Division, we are delighted to make Bark available to our members at a special rate of just $4.95 per month, a significant 60% discount off the retail price. This initiative has garnered the endorsement of the Oberlin Police Chief and has received widespread support from local schools, libraries, and various community partners who share our commitment to enhancing online safety in Oberlin.

About Bark
Bark is the leading monitoring and parental control tool that equips families to navigate the digital age while ensuring a secure online environment for their children. With Bark's comprehensive parental controls, parents can actively monitor content, manage screen time, filter websites, and track location providing peace of mind while their children are online.
Bark operates discreetly in the background, scanning your child's online activities. It sends alerts in the event it detects any concerning issues, such as potential predators, explicit content, bullying, depression, and more.
Bark extends its monitoring capabilities to cover over 35 of today's most popular apps and social media platforms. For a comprehensive list of the applications Bark monitors, please visit here.

To join Oberlin Cable Co-op and start using Bark, please visit our website at or contact our dedicated team at 440-775-4001.

Together, let's forge a safer and more secure digital environment for everyone in Oberlin.


There are many great things about the Cable Co-op, such as,

No rate increases since 2021.
Many internet packages have had no rate increase since 2019.
Sponsorships of Chalk Walk, Doggie Doo, Oberlin Athletic Boosters, and many other events.
Our Oberlin Highschool Scholarship
The fact we are nonprofit and Member-owned.
We were created by our community to serve our community.
We have a local office.
We have local technicians.
We have local afterhours support.
We have a 4.6 rating on google.

But the things I enjoy the most are what our members think of us:

“On behalf of our students, staff, and families, we would like to thank the Oberlin Cable Co- for providing support during this epidemic.”

“The Oberlin Cable Co-op continues to be an amazing asset to the community.”

"They have helped in bridging the digital divide in the community.”

“Never a bad experience with Cable Co-op”

“I love you, Cable Co-op!!”

“Love my Oberlin Cable.”

"When the pandemic hit, we reached out to all internet service providers (ISPs) serving our student population and the Cable Co-op was the only provider willing to work with us and develop a plan of action, The Co-op significantly reduced pricing and was quick to provide internet access to every student in need within their service area. Without the Cable Co-op, we would not have been able to start the year fully remote or have any level of success with our hybrid program."


Thanks for being a member of Cable Co-op.

As a member-owned business we are honored to help our community and as a member you are the reason we can help.

When OCS stated they needed juice boxes for kids, we were able to help the children of our community and OCS by supplying 120 juice boxes. This is a direct result of your memebrship. OCS, Cable Co-op, and perhaps more importantly the kids of our community thank you.

Cable Co-op
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Level 4 internet is now 500 Mbps!!

Cost of Level 4 internet has not
increased since 2019!

Upgrade to Level 4 Internet and
Advanced Wi-Fi and receive a one-time $10 credit on your account.

The best Wi-Fi available with 500
Mbps internet.

No installation or setup fee!

Limited time offer, call now!!!


Not an existing Cable Co-op member?
We will give you the same deal*.

Already have Advanced Wi-fi and want
to upgrade to Level 4 internet? We will give you the same deal too!

Your Community, YOUR Cable company!

Advanced Wi-Fi is $6.95 per month.

Level 4 Internet without television service is $74.95

If you have any of our television services Level 4 internet
is $69.95

*Exclusions apply.
Your premise must be pre-wired, and you must use the existing cabling for your
cable modem location. Other exclusions may apply. Call for details. 440 775