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Services Page

Welcome to the Services Page.  The links located to the left will provide you with current Internet and Television based service pricing.

The top link “Internet Access” will provide pricing for Internet access, or just click here;

The “Television & Streaming Based Services” link will provide pricing for basic and advanced television services, or just click here: Television & Streaming Services

The “Channel Lineup” link provides you with a list of all channels offered via the Cable Co-op. Each channel listed can be clicked on to see what is currently playing on that channel.

The “DCMA” link provides basic information on what is considered copyrighted material. As more companies are trying to protect their product on the Internet, “copyright” has become a challenge for both the provider of the service and for the consumer.  This links tries to explain the who, what, and why of copyright violations.

The last link, “Copyright Infringement Policy”, lists the DCMA policy of Cable Co-op.

If you cannot find a package or service that fits your needs, please give us a call. We can sometimes customize Internet service packages and depending on your location we may be able to offer Fiber Optic based solutions.