Residential Phone Service
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Residential Phone Service

Cable Co-op’s Residential VOIP Phone Service

For business phone click here:

No hidden fees, taxes, or charges.

$13.95 per month with autopay and email billing

$15.95 per month without autopay and email billing

  • Must have Cable Co-op’s Internet and Advanced Wi-Fi services.
  • Keep your current phone number or get a new one.
  • Permanently rent our phones for a one-time charge of $25 or bring your own compatible cordless phone.
  • Cable Co-op will not use your existing phone lines.
  • International calling is not available.
  • You will not receive a detailed or separate phone bill.
  • Installation and setup charges not included in the price listed above.

[911 Tips for Subscribers of Fully Interconnected VoIP Services]

If you have or are thinking of subscribing to an interconnected VoIP service, you should:

  • Provide your accurate physical address to your interconnected VoIP service provider to ensure that emergency services can quickly be dispatched to your location.
  • Be familiar with your VoIP service provider’s procedures for updating your address, and promptly update address information in the event of a change.
  • Have a clear understanding of any limitations of your 911 service.
  • Inform children, babysitters and visitors about your VoIP service and its 911 limitations, if any.
  • If your power is out or your internet connection is down, be aware that your VoIP service may not work. Consider installing a backup power supply, maintaining a traditional phone line, or having a wireless phone as a backup.
  • If you have questions about whether the phone service you are receiving is an interconnected VoIP service, contact your service provider for further information. (440-775-4001)
  • 911 call centers currently lack the technical capability to receive photos and video. In addition, the ability to send text messages to 911 is only available in certain areas.

For more information including calling features please click this link: Calling Features

For a copy of the Letter of Authorization (LOA) please click here: LOA

Fine Print:

If you decide to disconnect our VOIP service and want to “port” your telephone number elsewhere, your account must be paid-in-full and in good standing or Cable Co-op cannot release the telephone number.