Cable Co-op Channel Lineup
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Cable Co-op Channel Lineup

Cable Co-op is going through some exciting changes. There are a lot of changes coming to our television based services. We will attempt to make these changes as easy as possible for our subscribers. For these reasons all the current lineups are subject to change and we will keep these links updated as possible. Terminology is often interchangeable and thus can lead to confusion, we have attempted to simplify the explanations below.

There are currently 3 ways to view our services.

1) QAM Tuner. You must own a television set with a QAM (all digital) tuner to receive this service. Though the channels may change positions this lineup will always be available.
2) DTA (Digital Terminal Adapter). This is a small box connected to the television that allows non-QAM televisions to receive the digital lineup.
3) Advanced Digital Receivers. These are larger boxes that are connected to the television and allow the subscriber to receive our digital lineup and other paid tiers such as HBO and HD content. These boxes also provide an interactive guide and the ability to purchase pay-per-view. These boxes come in a Standard HD and a HD DVR version, the difference being the DVR has the ability to record programming while the Standard HD does not.

To view, download, or print our channel lineups please follow the link below;
Channel Lineups

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Digital Box / DTA Lineup for Expanded Basic