Your Community, Your Cable Company!

Oberlin Cable Co-op Mission: To provide our local members and the Oberlin community with state of the art, reliable, secure and affordable internet and television services.

Cable Co-op Inc., located in Oberlin, Ohio, is proud to be your community based Internet and television service provider. Surf the Web on our reliable High Speed Internet and watch High Definition and Digital television programs provided by a dependable and subscriber focused non-profit company. Be free from long term contracts, have access to local technical help, and be assisted by a friendly staff. Support the local economy, support your community, support Oberlin’s Cable Co-op.

Your Community, Your Cable Company!

Cable Co-op, Inc, located in Oberlin Ohio, is proud to be a community owned Internet and television provider. Count on High Definition and Digital Television service from a nonprofit organization. Rely on High Speed Internet and email services from a local source.

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Cable TV provided by the Cable Co-op includes Free High Definition & Free Streaming.
Internet Access offers fast speeds, a reliable connection, and local service. Choose the speed you need at a price that is right for you.
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Cable Co-op is Your Telecommunications Company.Nonprofit, Board-directed, community-focused, & member-owned.

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Attention Cable Co-op Television Subscribers

WEWS and ION both made changes this morning, 3/31/23, without notifying any cable system.

With our different channel lineups, this can get tricky to explain.

If you are using your QAM tuner (you do not have a cable box) here are the changes:

If you were watching Grit on 56-4, please tune to 52-14 to watch Grit.

If you were watching Defy on 56-8, please tune to 52-16 to watch Defy.

56-8 is now Scripps News Channel.

True / Real TV is no longer offered by WEWS.

56-4 is now Court TV

If you have our cable box and Prime TV (Expanded Basic) here are the changes:

Defy is now channel 143 (True/Real TV is no longer offered by WEWS)

Channel 103 is now Scripps News (no longer Defy)

Coming soon:

Channel 141 will be Court TV

If you have a cable box and Select TV (Basic) here are the changes:

Channel 44 is now Scripps News (no longer Defy)

Channel 52 is now Defy (True/Real TV is no longer offered by WEWS)

Coming soon:

Channel 31 will be Court TV

If you have one of our boxes with the built in TV Guide, the guide will not be accurate for about one week.


Announcement from the General Manager:

As your GM I am aways striving to do something better for our members and our community. Over the last 12 months, we have not had a rate increase, we increased internet speed levels multiple times, lowered the price of our Level 5 Internet, announced our intentions to rebuild the entire network to a Fiber Enriched Network, and launched our Advanced Wi-Fi.
If this wasn’t enough, I have plans on launching more new services that will enhance your experience with Cable Co-op. Of the two new services that will be offered, one is 100% free, but priceless in value!
Yes, this is a teaser, but it will be worth the wait!
- Jay Shrewsbury, Cable Co-op GM

Cable Co-op
Your Community, Your Cable Company!


Level 4 internet is now 500 Mbps!!

Cost of Level 4 internet has not increased since 2019!

Upgrade to Level 4 Internet and Advanced Wi-Fi and receive a one-time $10 credit on your account.

The best Wi-Fi available with 500 Mbps internet.

No installation or setup fee!

Limited time offer, call now!!!


Not an existing Cable Co-op member? We will give you the same deal*.

Already have Advanced Wi-fi and want to upgrade to Level 4 internet? We will give you the same deal too!

Your Community, YOUR Cable company!

Advanced Wi-Fi is $6.95 per month.

Level 4 Internet without television service is $74.95

If you have any of our television services Level 4 internet is $69.95

*Exclusions apply. Your premise must be pre-wired, and you must use the existing cabling for your cable modem location. Other exclusions may apply. Call for details. 440 775 4001

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