Your Community, Your Cable Company!

Oberlin Cable Co-op Mission: To provide our local members and the Oberlin community with state of the art, reliable, secure and affordable internet and television services.

Cable Co-op Inc., located in Oberlin, Ohio, is proud to be your community based Internet and television service provider. Surf the Web on our reliable High Speed Internet and watch High Definition and Digital television programs provided by a dependable and subscriber focused non-profit company. Be free from long term contracts, have access to local technical help, and be assisted by a friendly staff. Support the local economy, support your community, support Oberlin’s Cable Co-op.

Your Community, Your Cable Company!

Cable Co-op, Inc, located in Oberlin Ohio, is proud to be a community owned Internet and television provider. Count on High Definition and Digital Television service from a nonprofit organization. Rely on High Speed Internet and email services from a local source.

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Cable Television
Cable TV provided by the Cable Co-op includes Free High Definition & Free Streaming.
Internet Access offers fast speeds, a reliable connection, and local service. Choose the speed you need at a price that is right for you.
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Cable Co-op is Your Telecommunications Company.Nonprofit, Board-directed, community-focused, & member-owned.

News & Notices


Cable Co-op TV Subscribers PLEASE READ!

Channel deletions, changes, and more.

All of these will take effect on or around 1/1/23

All these changes are the result of the companies that own these “channels” and the changes they are making.

Court TV will cease to exist and will be replaced as follows:

QAM channel 56-9 will change to Bounce TV

Prime package channels 100 & 139 will change to Bounce TV

Select package channel 41 will change to Bounce TV

Bounce TV on channels 53-14, 90, and 31 will be deleted.

Grit TV on channel 53-15 will be deleted but will remain on all other channels including, 52-14



Cable Co-op is not currently digging anywhere in town, including Reserve Ave. Frontier is the company digging in Oberlin on Reserve Ave, they have also had the other utilites mark Washington Circle, Monroe Ct, and a few other locations in town to prepare to dig there as well. Please call ADB (they are running this project for Frontier) at 234-334-1141 with any questions.


Decades is gone from our lineup. The programmer has decided to no longer offer the service. The same will happen with Court TV soon. These are all choices of the programmers and not Cable Co-op

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