Your Community, Your Cable Company!

Oberlin Cable Co-op Mission: To provide our local members and the Oberlin community with state of the art, reliable, secure and affordable internet and television services.

Cable Co-op Inc., located in Oberlin, Ohio, is proud to be your community based Internet and television service provider. Surf the Web on our reliable High Speed Internet and watch High Definition and Digital television programs provided by a dependable and subscriber focused non-profit company. Be free from long term contracts, have access to local technical help, and be assisted by a friendly staff. Support the local economy, support your community, support Oberlin’s Cable Co-op.

Your Community, Your Cable Company!

Cable Co-op, Inc, located in Oberlin Ohio, is proud to be a community owned Internet and television provider. Count on High Definition and Digital Television service from a nonprofit organization. Rely on High Speed Internet and email services from a local source.

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Cable TV provided by the Cable Co-op includes Free High Definition & Free Streaming.
Internet Access offers fast speeds, a reliable connection, and local service. Choose the speed you need at a price that is right for you.
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Cable Co-op is Your Telecommunications Company.Nonprofit, Board-directed, community-focused, & member-owned.

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The nation-wide launch of 5G involves more than just cell phone providers. Due to new FCC regulations, including the partial sale of the RF spectrum, 5G is affecting every cable provider in the United States. The government allowed the sale of the RF spectrum to cell phone providers, which has forced cable television networks, local television networks, and cable television providers to buy new equipment and transition services. In fact, there has been a lawsuit filed by numerous cable operators against these new regulations.

These new regulations include:

  • new receiver equipment
  • re-peaking of existing equipment
  • new transmit equipment
  • new gear installed in the head-end

Though the cost of the new gear and equipment is covered by the FCC rulings, our time and interruption of services are not. These transitions began in early 2020 and may continue until 2023.

Most of this work cannot be scheduled for late night and must be done during normal operations hours. Some channels will be affected during these transitions and Cable Co-op will do all they can to keep the disruption to a minimum. However, we cannot predict issues that may arise from this transition.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will do our best to minimize issues.


Cable Co-op has always helped the Oberlin community. This year Cable Co-op entered the Phoenix Technology Initiative with the Oberlin schools and the City of Oberlin. This initiative provided free internet to school-age children who did not have internet access at home. This allowed the school children to continue their education and took the burden off the household to provide internet service during these trying times.

The funding for this initiative ends June 30th of this year, but the need for internet access does not. Cable Co-op has worked closely with various Oberlin churches to find a solution.  The program will now be funded by Mount Zion Baptist Church, First Church of Oberlin, Oberlin House of the Lord Fellowship Church, and the Cable Co-op itself.  Now the program will be extended to August 31, 2020.

Oberlin proves time and time again that members of the community will step-up when help is needed. Cable Co-op is proud to be part of the community and thankful for the help and participation of Mount Zion Baptist Church, First Church of Oberlin, and the Oberlin House of the Lord Fellowship Church.

Cable Co-op’s commitment to their community has always been strong and Cable Co-op will continue to support their community to the best of their ability. Cable Co-op is honored to be such an integral part of Oberlin.

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