Setting Up Your E-mail
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Setting Up Your E-mail

Devices and applications are more complex than ever. Cable Co-op has discovered that setting can vary from device to device depending on firmware versions and other factors. The instructions below are generic and will not always work. Cable co-op can only guarantee your email will work if you use our web based email service(though all other programs, apps, and devices work fine).
If you choose not to use the web based mail provided by, you can use other applications to manage your email, such as; Thunderbird, Outlook, Mac-Mail, and so on. These will be located on your device or you can download the application from the Internet. If the application is being used for the first time it will walk you through a setup wizard. Remember your account is a “POP” account, incoming and outgoing servers will both be,, no SSL, and the default ports of 110 for incoming and 587 or 25 for outgoing will work the best. Your email address is the one we supplied you and you user name is your email address WITHOUT the, an example would be; if your email address is, your user name would be, johndoe.

Cable Co-op does not supply email programs (apps) so we cannot be responsible for your program working correctly. For a fee we will come out and setup or troubleshoot your email program.

Here are some links to instructions for the more popular email programs;

iPhone, iPad, or iPod,


Windows Live Mail