Helping with Households
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Helping with Households

Oberlin households can qualify for Cable Co-op’s “Helping with Households” program.


  1. Must be approved for participation by Oberlin Community Services.
  2. Must be approved by Cable Co-op. Approval requirements include:
  3. Must NOT be an active Internet subscriber from Cable Co-op.
  4. Must not have had Internet from Cable Co-op in the last 6 months.
  5. Cannot be in collections with Cable Co-op nor hold a past due balance older than 60 days.
  6. No exceptions from above criteria.


  1. Reliable Internet connection
  2. No contract
  3. No hidden fees
  4. Local service

First month service is collected in advance at time of signing up for this service. $20 modem deposit required (refundable when service is disconnected and equipment returned)

Total start up charges = $30.95

Monthly costs are $9.95, plus $1 membership fee, for a total of $10.95 per month.