How Much Speed Do You Need?
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How Much Speed Do You Need?

Here are some common things to keep in mind:

  • The more people using the connection the more bandwidth is consumed.
  • Streaming an HD movie requires around 7Mbps, so two people streaming requires 14 Mbps, 3 would require 21 Mbps, and so on.
  • Watching small clips on YouTube, email, and general web surfing requires very little bandwidth.
  • Internet gaming and streaming uses more and requires more bandwidth.
  • Background apps use bandwidth. Background apps can include legitimate programs such as an anti-virus and updates, but they can also include malware, viruses, and spyware.


So, a family of 4 who may have two people streaming, one web surfing, and one emailing may use 15-20 Mbps. This does not include legitimate “background” apps that are using your connection as well, they could use another 1-10 Mbps. So, a family of 4 who are not always “connected” but does use the Internet daily may need a connection of 30 Mbps. Online gaming can use 30 Mbps or more just for the gaming. So now that same family of 4 may need 60-100 Mbps connection if they have a gamer amongst them.


1 Person, streaming, web surfing, emailing = Level 1

2-4 People, streaming, web surfing, emailing = Level 3

4-6 People, streaming, web surfing, emailing = Level 4

1-2 People gaming = Level 4

2-4 People gaming = Level 5


Please remember, your equipment (computer, laptops, tablets, phones, routers) plays a big role with Internet speeds. Cable Co-op cannot guarantee speed because of all the factors that are beyond their control. Cable Co-op will help troubleshoot speed issues, but their responsibility technically ends at the output of the cable modem. Wireless connections are not as fast or robust as a wired connection, so try to use wired connections for devices that may need more speed, such as gaming devices.