Oberlin Cable Co-op News


Cable Co-op is currently experiencing issues with several television channels.
These channels are down, but they have an HD version that is working fine:
(QAM in parentheses)
Animal Planet on channel 21 (78-1), please watch HD version on 114 (64-11)
FS1 on channel 41(78-8), please watch HD version on 128(66-1)
OWN on channel 43 (87-3), please watch HD version on 126 (72-3)
Discovery on channel 39 (88-7), please watch HD version on 113 (63-9)
CNBC on channel 45 (88-8), please watch HD version on 124 (71-2)
TCM on channel 52 (87-7), HD works on QAM only (101-1)

These channels are down with no HD version available:
Universal Kids on channel 2 (51-1)
Oberlin Schools on channel 20 (51-5)
LCCC on channel 19 (51-4)
Cartoon Network on channel 67 (88-3)
FreeForm on channel 40 (88-4)
Game Show Network on channel 148 (55-2)
Bounce on channel 90 (53-14)
Local Dashboard on channel 10

Cable Co-op apologizes for any inconvenience and is working with the manufacturing engineers to solve these issues. We will continue to do so until the issues are resolved.

New HD Guide


Our interactive guide is going HD.

For more information please visit;

new guide

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