Oberlin Cable Co-op News

Analog Going Away


As stated in last months bill, analog channels will be going away. If you have one of our boxes on your television then you will not notice any changes. Those with a Digital / QAM tuner television (without our box) should not be watching any single digit channels, such as; 3, 5, & 8. All the channels available to you will use a "dash" such as; 53-13, 73-1, and so on. You may need to "auto program" your television, this feature is available in your television menu. You can find the newest QAM / Digital lineup here;
qam / digital lineup

Cozi is Gone


WEWS has stopped offering Cozi and now is offering Grit in its place.

This makes the lineup for Cable Co-op incorrect and we apologize, but we never received a notice from WEWS.
Cable Co-op will try to remedy this situation on Monday April 17th.

This is from WEWS Facebook page;

News 5 Cleveland
4 hrs ยท
Something new to check out on TV. At 4pm today, WEWS 5.2 will switch from COZI-TV to GRIT. Learn more at and check your provider's listings for the channel.

WEWS Facebook Page

QAM Changes


QAM channels 109-1, 109-3, 108-2, & 108-3 will cease to exist on 4/3/17.
Cable Co-op has been simulcasting these for a while now so subscribers can get use to the new locations.
109-1 Sports Time Ohio HD resides on 74-1.
109-3 Big Ten Network HD resides on 74-3.
108-2 ESPN HD resides on 70-2.
108-3 ESPN 2 HD resides on 70-3.

As usual, no one with any of our boxes will notice any changes.



Cable Co-op will be performing emergency maintenance tonight, Thursday March 16. The maintenance will begin around midnight and will cause service interruptions on the west side of town. Cable Co-op will try to do the repairs as quickly as possible and with less interruptions as feasible.

Attention Cable TV Subscribers:


Attention Cable TV Subscribers:

Cable Co-op has just completed a new Carriage Agreement for the Fox Cable Networks, which includes Fox News Channel, FX, FXX, FX Movies, Fox Sports 1, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild and Fox College Sports. This agreement also requires us to launch the Fox Business Network.

We will be launching the Fox Business Network on Monday, March 6th. If you have any of our Digital Receivers or DTA, it will automatically show up on Cable Channel 132. If you are using the Digital Tuner on your TV, you must reprogram your set to be able to receive the new channel. Once you have done this, Fox Business Channel will be located on Channel # 65.1.

We hope you will enjoy this new service.