Your Community, Your Cable Company!

Cable Co-op Inc., located in Oberlin, Ohio, is proud to be your community based Internet and television service provider. Surf the Web on our reliable High Speed Internet, communicate via our Email, and watch High Definition and Digital television programs provided by a dependable and subscriber focused non-profit company. Be free from long term contracts, have access to local technical help, and be assisted by a friendly staff that you can count on. Support the local economy, support your community, support Oberlin’s Cable Co-op.

Your Community, Your Cable Company!

Cable Co-op, Inc, located in Oberlin Ohio, is proud to be a community owned Internet and television provider. Count on High Definition and Digital Television service from a nonprofit organization. Rely on High Speed Internet and email services from a local source.

Web Mail
Cable Television
Cable TV provided by the Cable Co-op includes 70 channels, with the possibility of additional channels such as HBO.
Internet Access offers fast speeds, a reliable connection, and local service. Choose the speed you need at a price that is right for you.
Local company
Cable Co-op, Inc is Your Telecommunications Company located in Your Community.

News & Notices

This is a great resource for understanding the costs of cable television services. Understanding costs of cable television
Economy Expanded Basic SAVE $15 PER MONTH / $180 A YEAR OVER EXPANDED BASIC & Includes FREE HD Receiver with Advanced ON SCREEN GUIDE (saving you another $60 per year)
ATTENTION QAM TUNER USERS Current Changes in Progress (will be completed in December): 49-4, 49-5, 49-6, 49-7 Deleted by programmer, they will no longer exist NASA on 49-1 moving to 55-1 Classic Arts Showcase on 50-3 moving to 53-5 WGGN on 50-4 moving to 53-6 Hallmark Drama on 50-2 moving to 78-2
Cable Co-op address
27 E College St
Oberlin, OH 44074
Office hours
Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm
# 440-775-4001
# 440-775-4001 - after hours