Your Community, Your Cable Company!

Cable Co-op Inc., located in Oberlin, Ohio, is proud to be your community based Internet and television service provider. Surf the Web on our reliable High Speed Internet, communicate via our Email, and watch High Definition and Digital television programs provided by a dependable and subscriber focused non-profit company. Be free from long term contracts, have access to local technical help, and be assisted by a friendly staff that you can count on. Support the local economy, support your community, support Oberlin’s Cable Co-op.

Your Community, Your Cable Company!

Cable Co-op, Inc, located in Oberlin Ohio, is proud to be a community owned Internet and television provider. Count on High Definition and Digital Television service from a nonprofit organization. Rely on High Speed Internet and email services from a local source.

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Cable TV provided by the Cable Co-op includes 70 channels, with the possibility of additional channels such as HBO.
Internet Access offers fast speeds, a reliable connection, and local service. Choose the speed you need at a price that is right for you.
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Cable Co-op, Inc is Your Telecommunications Company located in Your Community.

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Attention Subscribers   Next week the FCC will vote to rescind the “Net Neutrality” rules set in 2015. The rules mandated an “Open Internet’ policy that restricted ISPs from restricting the flow of traffic for any reason. It has always been the policy of Cable Co-op not to restrict or throttle the flow of any internet traffic for any reason. Even though the FCC may reverse the 2015 rulings, the board and staff of Cable Co-op want to assure you that we will continue our policy to not restrict any flow of traffic. We wish you to have the best experience possible from your service.
Oberlin Cable Co-op 27 E. College St Oberlin, OH 44074 (440) 775-4001 www. Retransmission Consent Negotiations Cable Co-op is currently in contract discussions with all of the Cleveland Broadcast Stations for carriage of their signal on our Cable System. Our existing agreements expire on December 31, 2017. Once again, the local networks are putting Cable Co-op members in the middle by threatening to remove their signal from our line-up and from loyal viewers like you. We are committed to remain in good-faith negotiations to keep these networks on and are optimistic that we will reach an agreement before the current one expires. As your hometown cable provider, we offer you a variety of programming packages. We are local and the Board of Trustees that you have elected and our staff do everything in our power to keep costs as low as possible. The Cleveland Broadcast Channels are demanding increased fees that will restrict our ability to offer you the programming services you want at a fair and reasonable price. Retransmission consent fees are the payments that all cable and satellite providers make to local TV stations to carry their signals. They collect these fees from TV Providers like us and our members each month – even though they offer the same programming free with an antenna. The laws governing retransmission fees are part of the 1992 Cable Act. It was written at a time when competition among TV Providers was limited and the internet was still in its infancy. This law states that TV Providers cannot pick and choose which stations to offer, nor can we decide to not provide the local broadcast stations. TV Stations are abusing these outdated rules to boost their profits by collecting fees just because you get their signal over cable and not an antenna. As your local Non-Profit Cable Provider, their fees have a direct affect on your monthly cable bill. We cannot elect not to carry their signal, but they can force us to drop their signal if an agreement cannot be reached. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to keep your cable bill as low as possible and to be able to continue providing the local broadcast stations to you. For more information about Retransmission Consent go to and enter in our local zip code.

Oberlin Cable Co-op 27 E. College St Oberlin, OH 44074 (440) 775-4001 www.

Attention Cable Co-op Members Our current in-house billing system is being phased out and a newer version installed. Your monthly billing statement will pretty much look the same, but the new system will provide us the capability to offer some new service features and conveniences for you. These new features will be implemented over the next few months and we will notify you when you will be able to take advantage of them. The new system will be implemented on Monday, December 11 and will take the biggest portion of the day to complete. During the process, we will not have access to your account information, nor will we be able to make any service changes. Our office will be open for you to contact us with any service issues or to make your payment. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding while we perform this upgrade. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 775-4001.

Sincerely, Ralph L Potts General Manager Cable Co-op Oberlin, OH

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