WTVE Basics
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WTVE Basics



  1. Network channel must be part of your paid Cable Co-op TV package to receive from WTVE.
  2. You must sign up at WTVE for log in credentials.
  3. Can take up to 24 hours to gain access to Network Streams.
  4. Cable Co-op does not have access to your WTVE credentials.
  5. Not all network channels are available.
  6. Not all network channels, that are available, work on every device.
  7. Cable Co-op does not control what devices are compatible with any network.
  8. This is cutting edge technology and will be changing, expanding, and adapting on a regular basis.
  9. Your device must be compatible and meet basic requirements to work.
  10. Internet and wireless network must be able to handle connection for WTVE to work.
  11. WTVE IS FREE with Cable subscription, don’t pay for anything extra.
  12. Do not share credentials with anyone outside your household or account could be locked.


WTVE Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Stream all the content you want, no limits on bandwidth exist with your Cable Co-op Internet.
  2. Save money and drop your other streaming providers.
  3. Sign up for one of our Home & on the Go packages, get even more content, and great savings.
  4. Sign up for our Cable & Community Commitment and get a month of free cable every year!
  5. Check for new channels available and new apps for different devices frequently.



  1. Don’t give out bank or credit card account information for any WTVE service.
  2. Don’t share your WTVE credentials with those outside your household.
  3. Don’t pay for other streaming services when WTVE is free!
  4. Don’t give up if one of the channels you want is not available or not available on your device, give it some time, things will change quickly.
  5. Don’t lose your WTVE credentials, Cable Co-op does not have privy to them.


Help & Guidance

Sign Up Instructions

Cable Co-op’s WTVE Homepage