Internet Connection Troubleshooting
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Internet Connection Troubleshooting is a division of Oberlin Cable Co-op. provides access to the Internet for its members via a cable modem. is only responsible for their equipment, which is the cable modem. The friendly technicians often will try to help when they can, but they do not support software, hardware, printers, networking issues, or any other device besides the cable modem.

There are many factors to Internet connection issues, the cable modem, routers, switches, IP phone devices, hardware, and software on the device trying to connect can all play a role in Internet connection problems. We will cover the basics of how to troubleshoot an internet connection issue.

Can any device connect to the Internet? If so, then the device that cannot connect is the issue. There are too many factors for Cable Co-op to cover when it comes to a single device not being able to connect. This is not a cable modem issue and Cable Co-op can try to help but only during regular business hours. Here are some basics to try:

  1. Check to make sure you are connected to your network, if it is a wireless network does the device show connection to it? If not, you must first connect the device to the network, via wireless or wired connection.
  2. If you are connected to the network, shutdown device and then start it back up. Retry connection.


If no device can connect to the Internet:

  1. Check cable modem for lights, there should be 4 solid lights and one light that flickers. These lights can vary in color depending on which modem you have and what device you are using to connect to it.
    1. No lights? Check to make sure power cord in plugged into modem and working electrical outlet. The power cord is the black cord located at bottom of the back of the modem. If this does not work, please call Cable Co-op for further help.
    2. 4 solid lights and no flickering light? Check the Ethernet cable from modem to router or from modem to computer, make sure it is plugged in at both ends. If the cable is plugged in and you use a router or any other device between modem and computer, remove device/devices and plug Ethernet straight from modem into computer (make sure device is powered on). If there is still no amber light, please call Cable Co-op for further assistance.
    3. In some cases there may be only one amber light. If the light is at the very bottom, try pressing the “standby” button on top of the modem, this should cause the normal lights to reappear. If this does not work, please call Cable Co-op for further help.
    4. Not all 4 lights lit? First try unplugging and plugging back in power cord to modem. If this does not work, check coaxial connection on back of modem and at wall, make sure they are hand tight, but never use a tool to tighten them, over tightening can cause damage to the modem. If this does not work, please call Cable Co-op for further help.
  2. If the lights on the modem are correct the first thing to try is to reboot the modem and the router or any other device between the modem and device connecting to the internet. Unplug from electrical outlet wait 5 minutes, plug back in, and wait another 5 minutes. Please be sure to leave it unplugged and wait after plugging back in for 5 minutes. If this does not work move onto next step.
  3. Take ethernet cable from modem and plug directly into computer. The ethernet cable should be plugged into back of modem and into Ethernet port on computer. Wait 5 minutes and try to connect. If you can connect then the issue is within the device/devices between modem and computer. If this step does not work it is time to call Cable Co-op for further help.

Other factors to consider

  • Recent software or hardware changes
  • New device that has never been connected to your network
  • No power from electrical outlet
  • If you need help in understanding your software programs, or wish to learn more advanced features of your programs please feel free to contact The Bridge; located at 82 South Main St, phone# 774-3820, or e-mail