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Digital Equity Programs

Providing Digital Equity and Inclusion


Helping with Homework

Helping with Households


Cable Co-op and Digital Equity and Inclusion

What is meant by digital equity?

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) defines digital equity as “a condition in which all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society, democracy, and economy.”

What is the difference between Digital Equity and Digital Inclusion?

The simplest way to think of the intersection of these two terms is that Digital Equity is the “what” (goals) and Digital Inclusion is the “how” (activities).

Cable Co-op provides Digital Equity and Digital Inclusion via programs that we have created outside of federal, state, or local government programs and support. As a member-owned nonprofit we pride ourselves in the support we give to our community.

We currently provide Digital Equity via two programs, “Helping with Homework” and “Helping with Households”. These programs provide wireless internet at a discounted rate and require no installation fees, contracts, hidden costs, or taxes.

Our “Helping with Homework” program ensures households with school age children have internet access so children can access educational materials to help with school related homework and projects. The participants in this program are vetted via the Oberlin Schools.

Our “Helping with Households” program ensures households that need internet access has it, whether for medical, employment, or other needed resources. The participants in this program are vetted via Oberlin Community Services.

Cable Co-op not only believes in community support, but we take direct action to support our community to the best of our ability. We create partnerships that help benefit our members and our community. We will only continue to grow stronger via partnerships we nurture and in turn help our community to grow in positive directions.

For more detailed information on the individual programs please click on the link at the top of the page.